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Ok, so we have all encountered at least one self-defense training system that promises to teach you how to defend yourself in real life in short time period, while criticizing all other practices, right? Well, I am going to tell you why all such programs and the claims they are effective is a myth, nothing more than empty claims and good marketing.

First let me start by who am I and what my experience in the industry is, so that you can decide whether my words can be trusted or not. I was a skinny boy all the way until I finished my high school and although I always wanted to be able to fight, I was actually scared of confrontations and didn’t make much advancement in the martial arts training until I was 20 years old. And then I started practicing BJJ, and then added freestyle wrestling, boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai and even a little bit of Judo. 22 years later, I have 2nd degree Black belt in BJJ, have won many competitions in grappling, BJJ, Muay Thai and have 24 professional MMA fights in countries like USA, China, Russia and several European countries. The last 10 years I spent in the United Arab Emirates where I was involved in the largest project of its kind, the implementation of BJJ in government schools, clubs and the military and I was in charge of creating the training programs for kids and soldiers, law enforcement agents and other entities. I have personally interviewed more than 2,000 professional instructors many of which are still working in the project. …

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Royce Gracie (source unknown)

It’s been little over 22 years since I found out about the great art of Jiu-Jitsu, and there is something bothering me lately, something not many people in the industry talk about, and although what I am about to say may disrupt the common opinion, I will share it anyways.

When I first heard about BJJ, it was presented to me as the most effective martial art of all, although it didn’t even include striking. When I walked through the door of the first Abu Dhabi Combat Club and I wanted to learn how to fight, I was told this is it. BJJ was the absolute system that anyone could learn and gain the respect of others. I was skinny back then, so needless to say I started immediately, and sure thing, couple of years later I was able to put some bigger guys in trouble, even though some of them have spent decades practicing wrestling, Judo, or some striking discipline. …

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In the era of “how to become successful at anything” I have decided to take advantage of the trend and to put my experience and knowledge to some use, with the hopes that someone out there might take my advices and accomplish something more.

I have been involved with martial arts for 22 years now, with a humble record of 25 pro MMA fights and a large number of grappling and BJJ ones. I even fought in Muay Thai and Kudo, and absolutely love freestyle wrestling and Judo. The more interesting part of my career however is in the field of events and sports management, and my experience there is vast. …


Lubomir Guedjev

Sports Management Consultant, former MMA fighter and promoter

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